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Promoting Spiritual Growth and Holistic Wellbeing for Life!

The philosophy of Age of Discovery is derived from the guiding principle of whole-person wellness, which is defined as meaningful and ongoing progress in each of the twelve functional dimensions of wellness.  Every individual, regardless of circumstances, has a profound longing to live their best life possible.  This drive cannot be satisfied when we settle for something less than our full capacity and divine destiny.  In order to realize our utmost potential, we must maintain a lifestyle that focuses on meaning and sacred purpose; maximize our productive years; and rid our body, soul, and spirit of the self-imposed baggage that robs us of our dreams and goals and undermines our effectiveness as ambassadors of the common good,

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The 12 Functional Dimensions of our Wellness

We emphasize the need for balanced, sustained, whole-person progress in each of the 12 functional dimensions of wellness. They are:

  • Creative
  • Cultural
  • Emotional
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Intellectual
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Visionary
  • Vocational

Healing and Positive Self-Esteem

It is never enough to simply heal our psychological wounds and mature into productive citizens who pursue creative outlets and adhere to high ethical and moral standards.  Even if we become responsible stewards to family and society, more is required of us.  If we are to fulfill the great commission to love and serve we must first learn to how to care for ourselves by addressing the issues that keep us from realizing the internal greatness that God has in store for us. 

Spiritual Beings

At the core of our being dwells the supreme, infinite source of pure, authentic potentiality that desires to transform our fragmented souls and propel us to greatness. The journey begins with recognition that we are spiritual beings having earthly physical experiences that  are specifically designed to support sacred purpose. The spiritual growth process requires us to expand our capacity to love God, ourselves, and others.  Holistic wellbeing is preceded by commitment, education, focus, hard work, and strict adherence to the guiding principles of Christ-centeredness, love, and service. 

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The 12 Functional Dimensions of Wellness

Wellbeing goes beyond the absence of disease or infirmity.  It is the process of reducing the crippling baggage of dysfunction, optimizing your life experiences, and moving you closer to a self-actualized state that is rooted in Godly living and Christ-centeredness.  It involves a whole-person, integrated approach to every aspect of your being. There are twelve functional dimensions of wellness, which are summarized below:

  1. Creative Wellness values a diverse range of pursuits, including artistic expression, economic innovation, and problem solving.  It involves the capacity to turn new and imaginative ideas into reality.  This is the dimension where passion, possibility, and transformation reside.  
  2.  Cultural Wellness includes an understanding of and appreciation for your own uniqueness as well as the diversity and richness of other cultures.  Healing occurs when you recognize and accept the wisdom and rituals of your own culture, then extend those sentiments to the broader community. 
  3.  Emotional Wellness requires a deep understanding of the wide range of feelings you experience, and the motivations behind them.  Wellness in this dimension means coping effectively with the challenges of life.
  4.  Environmental Wellness means taking personal responsibility for being environmentally conscious.  It includes appreciating and having respect for nature, living in harmony with the environment, and doing your part to preserve its resources.  A basic tenet of environmental wellness is a shared awareness that all forms of life are precious and serve a distinct, holistic purpose.
  5. Financial Wellness requires a detailed understanding of your current financial situation and alignment of expenditures to support both your short-term aims as well as your long-term financial security goals.
  6. Intellectual Wellness includes the willingness and ability to engage in lifelong learning and use the information to optimize daily living and functioning.  It also includes actively participating in scholastic, cultural, and community activities.
  7. Mental Wellness relates to the capacity to manage activities of daily living and function effectively in professional and social settings.  It includes having a positive sense of wellbeing, despite challenges and stressors.  Another facet of mental wellness is your capacity to maintain healthy, supportive relationships; set realistic goals; and contribute to society.  
  8.  Physical Wellness is the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that supports the successful accomplishment of routine activities without undue stress or fatigue.  This includes being active, eating healthy foods, getting a sufficient amount of sleep, paying attention to the signs of illness, and seeking assistance when needed.
  9.  Social Wellness means having a sense of connection, belonging to a social network, and enjoying a well-developed support system that is based on trust and mutual respect.
  10.  Spiritual Wellness is rooted in a strong sense of meaning and sacred purpose.  It manifests itself in your decision to look inside for opportunities to grow rather than blame society or other individuals, and it represents a commitment to the principle of a higher power at work in your life.   
  11.  Visionary Wellness means having the capacity to set realistic goals and design your life to support accomplishment of them.  It also means looking beyond the present,  seeing the future you desire, and making the adjustments necessary to live your truth. 
  12.  Vocational Wellness applies to the active pursuit of professional endeavors that are fulfilling and support your passion and talents.  Once beyond active employment, vocational wellness expands to include the pursuit of hobbies and service to others through a spirit of volunteerism.

On the Road to Self-Discovery, Awareness, and Lifelong Holistic Wellbeing

We help you discover the performance component of spiritual growth and holistic wellbeing. It is so much more than freedom from illness and disease.  Our body, soul, and spirit are comprised of energy systems that speak to us continuously. They carry wisdom beyond our capacity to comprehend at the conscious level. Everything about us is interconnected and singularly oriented towards maximizing our potential for optimal living. The manner in which a healthy body’s systems work together in perfect precision supports the orderliness of the universe, the principle of divine oneness, and it supports the concept of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The circulatory system distributes food, water, and oxygen to the cells and removes waste products; the digestive system breaks food down so it can be absorbed by the bloodstream; the endocrine system regulates many body functions such as growth and digestion, using chemical messengers called hormones;  the excretory system removes waste materials; the immune system protects the body from bacteria, viruses, and other disease causing organisms; the integumentary system communicates with the outside world through sensory receptors and protects the body;  the muscular system supports movement; the nervous system coordinates the body’s activities; the respiratory system supplies the body tissues with oxygen; the reproductive system is responsible for perpetuating the human race; and the skeletal system supports the body’s structure, produces blood cells, and protects vital organs.  When these systems are in balance and work together, we are at our best and are free to pursue our higher calling.  You will:

  • Discover the powerful significance of attention, intention, motivation, and action.
  • Learn the direct impact of your thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds on your quality of your life.
  • Discover that you have the innate capacity to play a decisive role in creating a healthy lifestyle and extending your productive years.
  • Appreciate the impact of compassionate, unselfish service on your spiritual growth and development and its relationship to your health.
  • Incorporate mindfulness-based stress management practices into your daily routine.
  • Realize that your authentic essence is an inexhaustible source of energy that you activate and deactivate at will.
  • Learn the skill sets necessary to channel your energy in ways that benefit you, your loved ones, your chosen profession, and humankind.

Group Sessions

We offer seminars and workshops on a variety of topics, including:

  • A Comprehensive Approach to Holistic Wellbeing 
  • Aging as a Spiritual Practice
  • A Lifelong Personal Growth and Development Mindset
  • Create your Personal Wellbeing Plan
  • Curiosity is the Great Equalizer
  • Eat Real Food, Move More!
  • Elderhood: The Age of Discovery
  • Five Steps to Becoming your Authentic Self
  • Healing Power of Gratitude
  • Health and Wellbeing for Life
  • Help your Body Make its own Medicine
  • How the Principle of Divine Oneness Affects You
  • Indicators of Conscious Aging
  • Lifelong Vitality and Relevance
  • Living without Pain and Inflammation
  • Lower the Highs (Blood Pressure, Blood Cholesterol, and Blood Sugar)
  • Make Health your Priority
  • Mental Health Crisis Services (Public Policy, Florida)
  • Nutrition for Life
  • Relationship Integrity
  • Retired and Inspired
  • Self Care is Wellness Care
  • Seven Guiding Principles of Wisdom
  • Seven Steps to Peace and Tranquility
  • The Corporate Culture of Health and Wellness
  • The Gift of Longevity
  • The Healing Power of Positivity
  • The Insidious Nature of Stress
  • The Loneliness Factor
  • The Purpose and Power of a Woman: Finding your WHY
  • The Science of Aging Well
  • The Spiritual Side of Life 
  • The Twelve Functional Dimensions of Humankind 
  • Thirty-Day Lifestyle Makeover
  • Twenty-First Century Attitudinal Shifts about Aging 
  • Understanding the Aging Process
  • Waistline Matters
  • We are One: Body, Soul, Spirit
  • What Does Lifelong Holistic Wellbeing Mean?
  • When Life Hurts
  • Wisdom of the Body

Once considered an embryonic field, health and wellness coaching has shown such promise that it is now a full partner in individual and group efforts to reach and sustain wellbeing goals. Certified, professional coaches help their clients recognize the impact of lifestyle choices on their health, visualize the benefits of change, and build the necessary skill sets to propel them toward their wellness goals. 

Individuals, businesses, and corporations recognize the role of health and wellness coaching in improved outcomes, increased productivity, and lower health care costs.  At its core, effective health and wellness coaching facilitates fundamental, behavioral lifestyle changes based on holistic, science-based methodologies. 

Quick Facts

  • According to a new study by Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Foundation, the largest trade association for the food industry, a health coach is the 3rd most trusted source for helping individuals determine which foods to eat and avoid.

  • Physical exercise has an anti-aging effect on the hippocampus region of the brain, an area that controls memory, learning, and balance.  A new study, published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, shows that older people who routinely participate in physical exercise can reverse the signs of aging in the brain, and dancing has the most profound effect. 

  • The predominant factors influencing an individual's health status are quality medical care (10%), heredity (20%), environment (20%), and lifestyle choices (50%).

  • On average, Americans buy more medicine per person than do the people of any other country.

  • 86 million American adults have prediabetes (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

  • By 2030, half of America's adult population is projected to be obese (

  • At any given moment there are more than 30 billion biochemical reactions automatically occurring within our approximately 100 trillion cells.

  • According to a 2015 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence survey, 43.6% of women in America (nearly 52.2 million) experienced some form of contact sexual violence in their lifetime.  Approximately 1 in 5 (21.3% or an estimated 25.5 million) women in the U.S. reported completed or attempted rape at some point in their lifetime.

  • More than 75 % of America's health care spending is on people with chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.  These persistent conditions are the nation's leading causes of premature death and disability.

  • America's obesity crisis appears more unstoppable than ever.  Almost 40 % of American adults and nearly 20 % of adolescents are obese.  These are the highest rates ever recorded in U.S. history.  The continued weight increase in the youngest Americans is especially worrisome for long-term health. One in five adolescents, ages 12–19; one in five kids, ages 6–11, and one in ten preschoolers, ages 2–5 are considered obese.

  • Aageism is an insidious, invisible, and widespread form of discrimination.  It has detrimental effects on the physical and mental health of older people, including exposure to violence.

  • Heart disease and stroke are preventable, yet they remain leading causes of death, disability, and health care spending in the U.S.  Alarmingly, many of these events happen to adults ages 35-64 - over 800,000 in 2016.

  • More than 50% of all insured adults in America take prescription medicines regularly for chronic health problems.

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